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 3D IC Stacking Technology (New Condition) st 1
    Banqiu Wu
   ISBN 007174195X
   շ 2011
   Ҥ 2,500  800

 A First Course in Digital Communications (New Condition) st 2
    Ha H. Nguyen
   ISBN 0521876133
   շ 2009
   Ҥ 3,600  1400

 Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks: Theory and Applications (New Condition) st 1
    Carlos De Morais Cordeiro
   ISBN 9814338893
   շ 2011
   Ҥ 1,500  800

 Adaptation and Cross Layer Design in Wireless (New Condition) st 2
    Mohamed Ibnkahla
   ISBN 1420046039
   շ 2009
   Ҥ 4,500  1800

 Adaptive Inverse Control : A Signal Processing Approach st 1
    Bernard Widrow
   ISBN 0470226099
   շ 2008
   Ҥ 5,800  2400

 Adaptive Signal Processing in Wireless Communications (New Condition) st 3
    Mohamed Ibnkahla
   ISBN 1420046012
   շ 2009
   Ҥ 4,500  1500

 Adaptive Signal Processing: Next Generation Solutions (New Condition) st 1
    Tulay Adali
   ISBN 0470195177
   շ 2010
   Ҥ 2,500  800

 Advanced Design and Manufacturing Based on STEP (New Condition) st 2
    Xun Xu
   ISBN 1848827385
   շ 2009
   Ҥ 9,800  2800

 Advanced Engineering Analysis (New Condition) st 2
    Leonid P Lebedev
   ISBN 981439047X
   շ 2012
   Ҥ 3,500  1000

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